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Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy
in the Healthcare Sector

A case study of the Italian Provincia Lombardo Veneta dei Fatebenefratelli:
from the lead generation to fundraising to deal with the Coronavirus emergency in Italy.

More than 350,000 sessions and 4,000 leads in a year. During Coronavirus emergency over 4,000 donors contributed to the fundraising and over 2.7 million euros were raised in just two months!


The Provincia Lombardo Veneta dei Fatebenefratelli (Fatebenefratelli PLV) belongs to a religious Order and operates in the field of healthcare through 11 centers that are based in 5 regions of Northern Italy. The Fatebenefratelli PLV has turned to Digital Dictionary for two main purposes:

  • - macro level: to define an effective communication positioning strategy, a homogeneous and coherent digital presence for all the structures of the Province and to have a technology supporting marketing and communication processes as well as the religious component of the Order;

- micro level: to face the Coronavirus emergency that has violently hit the Northern Italy with a marketing and communication strategy suitable to a context characterized by lack of proximity.


Ordine Fatebenefratelli PLV

1. Define a single communication

The Fatebenefratelli PLV did not have a homogeneous digital presence and a unique coordinated identity. As a matter of fact, the Province counted about 11 websites, one for each organization, each one operating autonomously from the team dynamics.

To this was added a total absence of centralized marketing and communication processes as well as support technologies and software.

Frate Fatebenefratello

2. Implementing a lead generation and lead nurturing strategy

The digital presence of PLV was neither structured nor oriented to the generation of new leads. Lead acquisition, management and nurturing were therefore impromptu activities, managed mainly offline.

This issue was of particular interest to the vocation component of the Province, which - as a Religious Family made up of only 35 friars in Italy - was looking for new candidates for the vocation journey.


3. Ensuring business continuity during the Coronavirus Phase

During the Covid-19 emergency, the structures of the Province found themselves in a totally disrupted context: in a short time, the ordinary activity and internal organization were reconverted to respond to a serious contingency. For all activities, including marketing and communication, it was necessary to identify new objectives to ensure business continuity in lack of proximity: Fundraising, Talent Attraction, Engagement and Reputation Management.


Fatebenefratelli PLV has worked together with Digital Dictionary on all fronts, from the definition of a new coordinated image to the setting up of a lead generation strategy, also for the vocation field. To face the serious social and health emergency of the Coronavirus period, a strategy based on conversational marketing was adopted, to establish an active and continuous dialog with internal and external stakeholders, according to the "Think global, Act local" approach, to tackle a global problem without ever losing sight of the individual local communities, especially those most affected in Northern Italy (Lombardy and Piedmont).

Coordinated Image and Tone of Voice

The first step was to formalize mission, vision, and values in a group perspective and then to align the Province’s communication strategy with the needs of external stakeholders, studying the Buyer Personas and the related Journeys.

A coordinated image was then defined for the entire Province, and therefore for all 11 structures. To complete it, a precise Tone of Voice was defined, fundamental for coordinating the communicative style of all the activities put in place, particularly during the pandemic, in which it was decided to maintain a comforting tone, based on a strong sense of responsibility.


Fatebenefratelli PLV

New and Unique Website

After having mapped all the digital channels and touchpoints used by Fatebenefratelli PLV, a new single website was created on HubSpot, where all the structures of Northern Italy, training centers, scientific research, Vocation Ministry, social and voluntary initiatives and the new blog of the Province, where the narrative medicine strand is also covered for educational purposes and in support of patient empowerment.


Home Page Sito Web

Multi-target Lead Generation Strategy

Redefining its digital presence also meant planning a lead generation strategy, designing a conversion-oriented website and blog for each area of interest (health, scientific, religious and social). Many conversion points were then strategically placed within the website, with the aim of creating a centralized CRM and attracting interested visitors to be converted into potential leads, to which direct personalized communications could then be directed in line with their needs.


Landing Page FBF

Particular attention was paid to the vocation area, which represents an important strategic objective for the Fatebenefratelli, a Hospitaller Order but first of all a Religious Family.


Inbound Marketing and Storytelling

In just a few hours the Covid-19 emergency disrupted the ordinary activities of the Province: how was it possible to support a Hospitaller Order in defining an effective marketing and communication strategy in lack of proximity? The choice was to deploy all available resources, identifying new objectives in line with the contextual needs of the Province and its stakeholders: Fundraising, Talent Attraction, Engagement and Reputation Management.


A donation-based fundraiser was planned to support healthcare facilities in the urgent and sudden supply of medical and protective equipment. To support the fundraising campaign and talent attraction, the following were activated:

  • pop-up forms inserted in the pages of the website for both fundraising and personnel research;
  • forms developed internally at HubSpot to support fundraising in the pages of each facility and the search for social and healthcare personnel;
  • update articles on the blog: through periodic feedback, it was possible to establish and feed a continuous dialog with the audience and with those who contributed;
  • Direct Email Marketing (DEM) sent to the leads obtained over time, thanks to Inbound Marketing activities.


Emergenza Coronavirus

In order to facilitate the involvement of the external target and the alignment of the internal target, several strategic actions were put in place:

  • "Thank You Wall" to say thank you to all the heroes in the aisle, a space within the blog linked to a Landing Page, which within 24 hours recorded over 770 submissions forwarded to the staff of the structures;
  • blog posts on the main services provided by the facilities, which through the Landing Page allowed to book or request a consultation (online course for pregnant women, psychological and spiritual support, distance support for caregivers of patients suffering from Alzheimer's and other dementias);
  • educational blog posts, to become a sounding board for authoritative information (from the Order and institutional bodies such as the Ministry of Health) and emotional blog posts (narrative medicine), to tell the experience of Covid-19 patients admitted to the Order's facilities, or of staff who had to deal with the emergency as professionals;
  • storytelling through email marketing, periodical video-messages sent by the Management, press releases and photo albums, differentiated for the internal (doctors, nurses, operators) and external (community and patients) target audience.

Emergenza Coronavirus

From that point on, we began to change: rebuilding a unified image and creating a lead generation strategy.


Number of Sessions and Contacts Generated

Below are the sessions and leads obtained since the new website went online in May 2019. There is no comparison data with the leads generated in 2018, as there was no lead generation strategy!


How Did You Learn About the Province?

Analyzing the answers provided through forms, more than 50% of the users became aware of the Order and its structures thanks to the new digital presence built from May 2019.


Submissions Form

In just one year of activity, and without any sponsorship, the BOFU forms related to the Vocations Ministry to get in touch with the Religious Family were filled in over 100 times. Even more satisfying is knowing that 6 of these contacts have become part of the European Novitiate, initiating a vocation journey.

Pastorale Vocazionale





Donations and Fundraising

Over 4,000 donors contributed to the fundraising and over 2.7 million euros were raised in just two months to support the Province’s structures. Morover, to face the health emergency, forms and pop-up forms were activated on the website to collect spontaneous applications, useful to support medical staff and not only in the Province Facilities.

Talent Attraction

"Thank you Wall" - Submission

A successful initiative was the "Thank you Wall", a Landing Page built internally at HubSpot to thank all the employees and professionals at the forefront of the Order’s structures. Over 750 submissions clogged our mailboxes and, as a result, the mailboxes of doctors, nurses and PLV social workers.

Thank you Wall

HubSpot functions activated

  • CMS: website and blog completely based on HubSpot;
  • Blog: blog posts written according to the logic of Inbound Marketing and SEO principles;
  • Flywheel: not only leads but turn them into a community willing to support the Province during the Coronavirus emergency;
  • Landing Page: TOFU, MOFU and BOFU Landing Page created in-house at HubSpot;
  • Form: all forms were created in HubSpot;
  • Lists: all external and internal contacts were segmented according to areas and functionalities of interest;
  • Workflow: workflows were activated to allow lead nurturing;
  • Email: email marketing campaigns, Direct Email Marketing, follow up email and nurturing email to feed lead engagement over time;
  • Social: resources and content on the website were used to feed social networks through programming managed directly by HubSpot’s Calendar function;
  • CTA: CTAs in line with brand identity are arranged at strategic points on the website, email and blog posts;
  • Campaigns: all activities carried out internally at HubSpot are organized according to specific campaigns;
  • Reports: monthly and quarterly reports are produced using HubSpot’s dashboards.